Compliance Services

Get to know our suite of IT compliance services that will keep you in the good books of authorities.

Enhance the confidence your customers, business partners and the public at large places on your business. Show to the world that you have proactively identified vulnerabilities and have put in place systems to eliminate any IT security lapses. Irrespective of the industry you operate in, having the ISO 27001 badge on your website will put you in the league of trustworthy brands.

Your customers demand online payment security. Government regulations like GDPR require you to take specific steps to safeguard customer data. Meet all the regulations required by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) with our expert counsel. We will show you the right way of collecting, storing, transmitting or processing card data.

If you are a mission-focused enterprise, your business processes and infrastructure should work with clockwork precision. There is no room for errors and inaccuracies. Our ITSM consulting services will help you establish and streamline your IT processes for high-performance. From identifying the right ITSM platform to customizing processes, we provide end-to-end ITSM services.

The constantly evolving digital landscape is not immune to disasters. A wide-spread cyber security attack, a natural calamity or even physical damage to systems can lead to inevitable downtimes. Our expertise in Business Continuity Management Services consisting of crisis management, disaster recovery and many more.

In the age of patient wearables, connected healthcare equipment and telemedicine, healthcare data security is paramount. HIPAA and HITECH lays down formal rules of how user data pertaining to healthcare should be collected, processed and stored. Our expertise in the domain will help your business chart out a long-term plan to reach our target. 

Security Testing

Our technical consulting services with IT security at its heart will help you work smarter, innovate better and grow faster.

Unknown to the human eye, your internal and external networks could be having vulnerabilities that hackers can leverage to launch attacks. As a recognized penetration testing services providers we will help you identify the weak links in your networks that should be strengthened to thwart security calamities.

Building an application and then testing it for vulnerabilities and functional errors is a waste of time. Our proactive application security assessment will ensure that you are able to maintain high standards of coding and application health before it is pushed to live.

Mobile devices — be it Android, iOS, Windows or any other platform — require extensive security assessment to prevent the most utile devices from becoming bane to your business and its data. Count on us to ensure that your mobile devices are made immune to all possible security threats.

Heavy-duty sectors like oil, gas and manufacturing have are heavily reliant on data for carrying out processes. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) lays down protocols for maintaining the IT infrastructure of such environments to prevent downtimes and mishaps.

With the rise of IoT and connected healthcare equipments, the risk of security threats in healthcare has touched new heights. Fret not. As your technical consultant for medical device security, we will help you establish security controls that will secure all corners from threats.

As network security and architecture consultants, we will help you draw a scalable network architecture and devise strategies to strengthen them. From picking the right hardware and software to overseeing their performance, we will provide end-to-end management.

The wireless networks in your organization could be intercepted by third parties if they are not properly insulated with security mechanisms.Auriseg will suggest you the right ways of securing from within and from the outside.

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