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Secure your Data

Cyber security is not to be least concern. It’s one organization’s reputation and integrity. Once data is stolen, it’s irreversible. We secure data with our deep knowledge in the field. We have long experience in the field of all types of cyber security. Whether its website or Apps or any digital data, we can provide the fortress security for it. Lets join hands together to give the latest protocol security to your data.

  • Customized to your needs
  • Dependable security services
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Auriseg is the leading name in Data protection. We have extensive experience in providing digital security to all parts of your business digital infrastructure. Our security consultants with vast experience help you to give best solutions by strategically planning for the solutions to fix all your issues.


Protection of sensitive information integrity, fighting and protection against malware and cyber attacks once information once loaded on the system. Application Protection Prevent a good variety of various threats, service attacks and different cyberattacks, and information breaches or information stealing things. Data Protection We provide thought leadership on rising privacy, information protection and cybersecurity problems and advise our purchasers at every stage of the info lifecycle and cut back their privacy and security risks and go with applicable laws.

Prevent a large variety of various threats embrace denial of service attacks and alternative cyberattacks, and information breaches or information stealing things.
We provide thought leadership on rising privacy, information protection and cybersecurity problems and advise our shoppers at every stage of the info lifecycle and cut back their privacy and security risks and go with applicable laws.

Why choose us?

Top reasons for choosing us for your Business security are:

  • Security Focused - We maintain our 100% focus centered on the IT security from the hackers and the digital thieves
  • Our experience keeps your peace of mind from monitoring your system 24/7
  • Managed low expenditure IT services with great ensured and efficient services
  • Flexible and easy to use for either short term when danger is averted or long term decision
  • Extremely low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand the importance of security and compliance


ISO 27001

Increased reliability and security of systems and informations


Improvement of efficiency, safety, quality and reduction of health disparities.


Improving level of infrastructure optimization
Reduced regulatory and security risk


Improving customers relationship and reduces the risk of data breach


To manage the risk that threaten the smooth running business


Simulating an actual attack on an automatic data processing system or network because it would from AN external or internal threat. By this methodology, we have a tendency to be ready to judge the pc or network’s security levels supporting the outlined objective of the check. Therefore a vulnerability penetration check will facilitate confirmation whether or not a system is susceptible to attack, if the defence measures were comfortable and that defence methodologies (if any) were defeated within the penetration check.
Applications are the backbone of today’s businesses and securing them is important for your business continuity and success. Challenges related to application security should be addressed with efficiency and effectively a strong application security strategy is crucial for Associate in Nursing organization’s reliability and stability.
The forceful rise of smartphones within the geographic point and everyday things has created them the prime target for hackers. No machine is 100% secure, and threat actors still explore new ways in which to take advantage of vulnerabilities on mobile devices, therefore it’s crucial to remain conscious of the most important mobile security threats.
An industrial system for a given method. These processes area unit usually of mission essential nature and typically exist as of commercial, infrastructure or facility-based nature. Our team of consultants follow a step by step procedure to try an intensive security assessment of your mission essential SCADA systems to seek out however vulnerable they’re against external attacks done by malicious users and the way they complain against the safety standards.
Medical devices are a seamless and evolving cybersecurity risk to attention organizations of all sizes. Despite best efforts there’s very little to no well understood best practices or steerage associated with ways which will be accustomed to cut back risk. Threats and vulnerabilities cannot be eliminated, therefore, reducing cybersecurity risks is very difficult, the power to rank medical device risks, and arrange and strategy to reason medical devices and their associated risks.
Our specification Reviews can assist you determine configuration and topology problems through analysis of the planning and configuration of the network. Despite recent enhancements in network performance and capability, it’s essential for network directors to periodically assess the reliableness of network technology and its ability to fulfill business wants. Consequently, network performance assessments will facilitate organizations verify whether or not the programs, hosts, and applications that area unit put in on the company network operate properly.
Wireless networks ease the property among the organization and increase the pliability of operating for the staff. This additionally will increase the safety risk related to the wireless network that functions as a possible attack surface. Malicious intruders are a unit perpetually inquisitorial networks for access points for misconfiguration, vulnerabilities, and weak security controls to compromise network defenses. The expansion within the use of remote access to networks through wireless technologies has opened the floodgates to would-be intruders and has exaggerated risk to organizations. Courageous has intensive expertise serving shoppers , determining access points and rascal devices, analyzing their security configurations, checking for vulnerabilities, and implementing security policies that minimize this risk.


Control access

Individuals are allowed to access the services or data for which they are authorized and restrict the person for unauthorized data access by both physical and through network. Restrict the data to be copied from the system to any other storage devices.

Security Software

Antivirus, sometimes known as anti-malware software, is designed to detect, prevent and take action to remove the malicious software. Using security software to detect and remove malicious code in your system or network using anti-virus etc.

Intrusion Detector

Unusual network activity can be monitored and detected for a potential security breach and alert the system or organization using techniques like email alert or security alert or warning signs based on the type of threat the system encountered.


A network security system which acts as a gatekeeper between the internet and computer and establishes the barrier to prevent the spreading of cyber threats. Monitoring the firewall by regular intervals and ensuring the updated version for better performance.










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