Why IT security matters?

A single cyber security mishap can wipe away your entire business data, damage market reputation and dent customer confidence. Why risk it all when there is a safer way to do business? IT security can help you manage the risk of cyber threats, mitigate it and also keep your organizational data secure.

With every passing day, hackers are moving faster and innovating better than the rest of the world. They are becoming adept at scheming better ways to con, steal and clone cyber data. Your business needs the foresight to stay ahead by putting up its cyber security defenses.

Is your business an easy target for cyber security threats? Or, have you been hacked already but unaware of the danger that is brooding underground? Even if you feel your business is hack-proof, it is always better to make progress to make your business immune to cyber security threats.

Cyber security threats you should be prepared for

While scrolling down your social newsfeed, while checking your email, while window shopping or while carrying out an online banking transaction you are not so secure as you think. The internet is riddled with cyber security threats you must know and be prepared for.

Asset Protection

Attacks targeted to physically or digitally damage or infrastructure with the aim to main operations for security reason.

Application Protection

The software product(s) that you have painstakingly built should be made immune to all imaginable security threats.

Data Protection

Right from your employee muster roll to customer data every byte of data could be attacked by hackers ulterior motives.

Raise your cyber security defenses

A weak link is all it takes to bring a giant machine down. Your IT infrastructure, confidential data and market reputation can be grounded to dust with a single cybersecurity attack. Penetration testing gives the armor you need to keep the threats at bay.Learn how we can help raise your cyber security defenses.

Protect Yourself

Your IT Security Partner

Auriseg was born out of necessity — the necessity to protect data that should never fall in the wrong hands. We are on a mission to help businesses secure their data and IT infrastructure with cutting-edge security services and solutions.

Our ambit of security offerings include technical consulting for security applications, exclusive security products for IT threat mitigation and also strategic consulting that will make your business compliant with necessary security policies and regulations.

Your Night’s watch of cyber security

Auriseg offers you end-to-end cyber security services that will guard your data, digital infrastructure and information from all possible breaches.Learn how Auriseg can help raise your cyber security defenses.

Security Testing Services

Our technical consulting services with IT security at its heart will help you work smarter, innovate better and grow faster.

Compliance Services

Get to know our suite of IT compliance services that will keep you in the good books of authorities.

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How we do it?

Manning confidential business data is not any mean task. It requires extensive strategizing, planning and putting resources to task. At Auriseg, we follow a stringent process to ensure the safety of our clients.



In the initial phase of information gathering we try to address questions like — Where are we in terms of IT security now? What are the biggest threats that the business is exposed to? What are the priority measures that can be taken to mitigate the risk? Seeking answers to these questions will help chart out the long-term IT security strategy for your business.



No business can become immune to cyber security threats in a single day. Going from being insecure to secure requires a lot of planning and preparation. In the second phase we chart out a detailed time-bound plan. It will showcase how the business assets and data can be made secure over a period of time.



Identifying red flags or vulnerabilities and plotting them based on severity of impact. The IT security strategy will be put in place in alignment with the finding and recommendations of the risk analysis.



Putting the plan into action and monitoring for conformities and anomalies. The security strategy will be fine tuned from time to time to keep up with changes in the security landscape.


Your Night’s watch of cyber security

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